TRUMP the Manchurian Candidate

“He tells me that he didn’t know about it and I will take him at his word.” – Donald TRUMP

There can be no other plausible explanation: TRUMP has been brainwashed and is carrying out direct orders from dictators and demagogues. Forget about collusion, it’s about confusion. Never mind the theories of international espionage, backroom deals, and secret channels: at the heart of the TRUMPological bromances with Putin and Kim (and you can throw the Crown Prince MBS in for good measure), there is a cued Pavlovian response mechanism that is operating on TRUMP’s limited mental capacities to reason.

The Greatest Show on Earth for the Post Reality

Today’s epic Kabuki dance for the ages juxtaposes the “special relationship” of the TRUMP-Kim bromance alongside Michael Cohen’s day of redemption on Capital Hill. Just when you thought the dramatic action could not get any hotter, the Greatest of all Shows is sizzling with action in one continuous ’round the clock transglobal performance that seems to turn in rotation with the Earth itself.

Theater is a State of Constant Emergency

Anyone who has worked in theater knows full well that the performance environment is driven by a constant injection of hyper-adrenaline & creative hysteria. This is the active substance for those who thrive on conflict as a constructed realm of the imaginary via the suspension of disbelief. Conflict is the life blood of theater, without it, there is nothing: no engagement, no story, no catharsis. To keep the narrative boiling at peak fever, every aspect of the production, from its conception to its performance, is driven by the need for crisis as a state of constant emergency.

Stoned & Confused

It happened yesterday, when legendary Tricksmeister Roger Stone, who was arrested for recklessly announcing and then lying about his Wikileaks alerts to the Campaign, emerged from the Fort Lauderdale Courthouse flashing a Make-America-Great-Tricky-Dicky-Victory-Sign, looking like a precocious contender in the World Wide Wrestling contest.

The Complete and Total XTreme TRUMPological Shutdown of the Mind

As the TRUMP SHOW continues to embed its way into the consciousness of the government, the Media, & the People, a Brave New SOMA lulls us unwittingly into complete and total submission. It’s called Shutdown.