On Becoming a Meta-Narrator and Aggregation Machine in the #NeWWWorlDisorder

As a Meta-Narrator of the #NeWWWorlDisorder, information FLOWS in and out of my open src studio and in and out of me. My narrative feeds on the aggregation of the feed: sampled and resampled, fed back through and out again. In the #NeWWWorlDisorder, everything is meta: captured & processed & remixed & connected & re-connected. All is system, all is FLOW, I am just a conduit of the medium of exchange & transfer.

The Presidential Family Crime Syndicate

Everything we’ve ever done, we’ve done as a family. Every project we’ve ever built, we’ve built as a family. ‘The Apprentice’ we did as a family.” – Don TRUMP, Jr

It is what it is, let’s face it: America is run by the Mob. This is the most powerful corporate structure, where blood runs thicker than water, the Family Syndicate. It emulates and embraces feudal hierarchy, the Kings and Queens, Princes and Dukes, the Ruling Family. It is why there was an American revolution, separation from the blood lineages of royalty and monarchy… a utopic move towards a free and open democratic system, governed by representation and the ideals of social participation.

The Hyper-Participatory Juxtapositions of Social Broadcasting

As we approach the unveiling of the #NeWWWorlDisorder social broadcasting performance experiment on July 29th, along with my co-host Michael Borras A.K.A. Systaime, the artist-broadcasters are testing and activating their systems and ideas over Facebook Live. This project, like so many other collaborative efforts I have undertaken, is a highly charged participatory group effort. While some artists prefer to work in a hermetically sealed studio environment, I have always believed in the power of the social, a process where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The Collective Simultaneity of the Distributed #NeWWWorlDisorder

It is presently advantageous to experiment by gradually widening the distances between the events within a Happening. First along several points on a heavily trafficked avenue; then in several rooms and floors of an apartment house where some of the activities are out of touch with each other; then on more than one street; then in different but proximate cities; finally all around the globe. – Allan Kaprow, Untitled Guidelines for Happenings

Allan Kaprow declared in 1966 that the Happening need not take place in a single locale. He wasn’t the first to recognize the distribution of live actions as a singular conceptual work of art. But in his famously subversive “Untitled Guidelines for Happenings,” he put this idea into powerful effect, which resonates today in the vast, networked space of social media.

The Broadcast as Social Act

Since the dawn of video art in the 1960s, artists have challenged the primacy of television as a one-way medium of communication, forming broadcast communities and artist collectives to amplify their message and empower themselves by envisioning video as a social act. In 1984, Nam June Paik organized Good Morning, Mr. Orwell, deploying satellite television as a space for live performance art and real-time collage: demonstrating that 1984 would be the year that artists (rather than Big Brother), at least momentarily, occupy the airwaves. Paik united artists electronically between New York, Paris, and San Francisco, subverting the broadcast by instigating the social possibilities of interweaving artistic transmissions into a single “third space” composite.

TRUMP’s MIND Control

What else could it be? What other explanation could there possibly be for those who cling to the mythological greatness of TRUMP’s America as he beckons us into a raging sea of chaos, scandal and disorder. The answer is very simple and sits squarely in front of our eyes: MIND Control. Through the prism of the All Seeing Eye, the panopticon that emanates from the TOWER where the TRUMP Show all began, from TRUMP’s MIND’s eye, there radiates a steely grip that has paralyzed the “partially educated,” those 36% of the adoring electorate who are following this Man down, down, down into the deepest abyss from which their is surely no return.