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A NetArtizens Reunion

It finally happened: reaching across the vast distance of space and time, the dialogue resonating throughout 40 countries around the world. We are not talking about CNN or the United Nations, we are talking about laptop computers telematically connecting voices and ideas and social aspirations. If academia was once confined to the ivory tower, those walls have […]

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we r no[where]

As Jon Cates says so eloquently – “traveling as an artist across the expansive / expressive networks” – we are in fact in constant migration and transition through networked third space trajectories across an expanded sense of time and space. In this new cyberformance work by Helen Varley Jamieson, “w r no[where],” debuting next week […]


The Catalogue of Social Taxonomy of Net Behavior

What an extraordinary chorus of voices we have on the Furtherfield NetBehaviour list! As a composer, I am interested in how all the parts harmonize together polyphonically, rub up against each other contrapuntally, provide a sense of direction and perspective as the lines & melodies of our utterances collectively play out. After the first week […]


An Invitation to Super-Participate

“As the experience of art has always been a social experience, the artist is by definition a social media artist.” – from The Manifesto for the Post Reality Social media is nothing new as far as the artist is concerned. The artist operates in a network of social relations: their work attached to public recognition, […]

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On Being a NetArtizen

In the age of social media, our conversations, gossip, discourses, research, decision making, organizational and artistic work are “intertwingled” (to use Ted Nelson’s playful term) with exponentially exploding repositories of media and information. Nowadays, our everyday communications are embedded with the metadata of search queries, hyperlinks, hashtags and usernames. To the extent that we practice […]

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The Art of the Networked Practice

This post is in advance of the Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium, please visit the Website to register online. We are only at the beginning stages of the advancement of the global network, and yet the possibilities are staggering. One can only imagine the participatory role we will each grab hold of […]