Migration into the Digital Hinterland

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As we migrate further and deeper into virtual realms of the remote and unknown, our selves distributed in time and space, how is the intimacy of remote touch, of contact through separation, transforming us? We are, out of necessity, finding new ways to adapt, to reach into other lives and distant spaces in our social relations: whether through the raw simplicity of textual utterances, or in the richer stimulus of the moving image. When we touch each other telematically, sometimes in real-time but more often in asynchronous forms of on demand interaction, emotion is simulated, delivered via fragmented exchanges across the Net. What has become of the fundamental contact of human “touch,” surely the oldest and most ingrained transmission of who and what we are.

Third Space Network: Theatrical Roots


This essay provides an overview of artistic work and experimentation leading to the concept of the Third Space Network: a project currently in development for Internet live broadcasting of art, performance and dialogue: connecting artists, audiences, and cultural perspectives from around the world.

The Artist-Broadcaster Takes Control

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Network television is the ultimate mechanization of control. Safely invisible behind the screens, corporate executives congregate in slick board rooms accompanied by premium attorneys and marketing analysts to decide what we watch. Television is controlled by big money, big politics, big technology, big corporations, “big” things in general, and it is nothing short of a miracle that anything of real value and meaning is transmitted via the airwaves.

At Work in the Hyperpresence


I am a writing machine. The last screw has been added. The thing flows. Between me and the machine there is no estrangement. I am the machine. – Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

I write across the channels like a surfer skimming the wave… like a philosopher riding the torrent… like a nomad wandering the desert. We are all becoming machines and the machine never sleeps.

The Wild West


In the wake of recent terror attacks from Paris to San Bernadino, the Republicans are arming themselves for battle. While the Democrats repeat their pleas for gun control laws, the Republicans call for citizens to take the law into their hands by protecting themselves with more weapons. Welcome to the Wild West. With each tragic event we are retreating to a mentality of fear, a hatred of the other, and a desire to take action with ubiquitous weaponry: everywhere, everyone.

The Algorithmic Self

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Have we become input ::::|:::: output machines processing and redirecting information as we attempt to conduct our daily interactions via networked media? Are we traffic controllers or desktop clerks fervently attempting to prevent our inboxes from overflowing uncontrollably? Have we become mobile hospital workstations monitoring our physiology from minute to minute, tracking our mortality by counting the breaths we have left to breathe? Are we the unwitting conservators of our online identities stored on vast cloud-based servers? Is the result of the management of our digital lives producing nothing more than the spellbinding flow of continuous data?