The Naked Id of XTreme TRUMPology


On the eve of the first debate between TRUMP and Hillary, as the two are ever so strangely and frighteningly neck and neck in the polls, we must dig down deep and ask ourselves: what in Hell is going on in American politics? TRUMP is like some alien force descended from space morphing and regenerating itself at the speed of light in order to destroy the planet. And it seems he can’t be stopped, no matter how many billions of dollars Hillary throws at the airwaves, no matter how many TRUMPian lies are revealed, no matter how many temper-Tweets he tosses in feverish impulse. It is clear, as the debates are about to begin, that a destructive force hangs like a dark cloud over the electorate, a totally irrational syndrome – XTreme TRUMPology – that is on the verge of destroying America, far, far beyond anything any terrorist could dream.

The Deplorables


Hillary Clinton has inadvertently brought widespread recognition to the now infamous cast of Make America Great Again, The Deplorables. Who exactly are these amazing method actors in case you haven’t kept up with the latest viral meme? They are just that, The Deplorables, or as Hillary has lumped them, “Basket of Deplorables,” TRUMP’s loyal cast of ‘phobics who brilliantly lambast and denigrate anyone who is not just like them. The Deplorables, in their supporting role in the TRUMP campaign, are directed to heavily arm themselves with an Arsenal of Bigotry (another meme?) to create a spectacle of hatred and venom that erupts on cue at TRUMP rallies, including the mother of them all, the 2016 Republican National Convention.

What Induces XTreme TRUMPology?


Look, XTreme TRUMPology is a way of life, a certain uncanny belief in the suspension of disbelief, a seething anger that brews from some dark subterranean world deep within, a place we didn’t even know existed, which manifests its way back out into the light of day uncontrollably, irresistibly. So you might be asking: what exactly induces the anti-philosophy that is XTreme TRUMPology? Where could this feverish ideology possibly be emanating from? What could possibly cause an individual to willingly, even passionately, embrace XTreme TRUMPology in its extravagant, even inspired rejection of reality?

How to Embrace XTreme TRUMPology

ANAHEIM, CA - MAY 25:  An anti-Trump protester (L) and a Trump support clash outside a campaign rally by presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Anaheim Convention Center on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California.  Previous visits by the candidate to Orange County have sparked in protests that resulted in some arrests. The presidential candidates are campaigning in Southern California for the June 7 California primary.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Imagine the World of TRUMP, where reality has been cast aside, where ALL THE WORLD is a stage, where America is the stage set for a reality tv show, where the White House glitters gold. Let’s envision this World of TRUMP, where EXTREME TRUMPOLOGY reigns supreme, let’s see just exactly what it takes to embrace EXTREME TRUMPOLOGY.

Far, far, far Beyond the Suspension of Disbelief

in Mexico City, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, . (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

Donald TRUMP’s performative, multi-character, role-playing is a monumental ACT of the suspension of disbelief. TRUMP the statesman? TRUMP the fiery hero of the Alt-Right? TRUMP the cool negotiator of the Art of the Deal? TRUMP the nightclub entertainment buffoon going for laughs? Who exactly is Donald TRUMP? He is a consummate Showman performing a series of episodic comedy-dramas for his own self-indulgent pleasure, which we can’t resist binge-watching.

The Poetics of Machine Language


Anyone who uses social media, which is just about everyone, speaks the language of the machine. The taxonomies of #hastags or @usernames, or even messaging abbreviations and emoticons represent a coded form of expression that shifts our writing (and thinking) into the compressed, symbolic language of software code. Is our inexorable connection to computers resulting in the mechanization of everyday speech? Or are we becoming poets of the information age? Are we losing the ability to write in long form because of decreasing attention span of the reader? Are we in fact becoming cyborgs: half human, half machine in our embrace of technological forms of writing and communication?