Out of CTL

In the media saturated landscape of the 21st century global information culture, it seems that we as humans are losing ground to the FORCE of the attraction of our data, our communications, our screens. The problem is simple: information is seductive, pervasive, and all consuming: and our inability to disconnect is perhaps the great CRISIS of our time. What is this compulsion? It is the need for more and more and more digital information to the extreme where it eclipses our interest in the events swirling around us in the cold reality of our everyday, physical lives.


The TRUMP Show

If there was any doubt that American politics has become a SHOW, we have reached the cathartic denouement and well beyond. Donald Trump has single handedly whipped the Republican campaign into his very own reality tv show, with all the mock self-reflection, confessionals, and personal lambasting we associate with, say, The Housewives of New Jersey, just to name an example.


The Lure of the Desert Return

Again and again and again, I return to the lure of the desert. There is no other place so stark & empty: such a source for the unimaginable. It is a place where the intangible invokes the strange and incomprehensible. It is a place where silence reveals everything you have ever heard or thought you could. It is a place where the mind races trying to navigate through all the possibilities beyond its reach. The desert is the other world.


Media Deconstruction

Over the years I have made it my mission to take on a certain ownership of cable news Media, as many artists have throughout the past century, in the appropriation and manipulation of mass Media. I consider it my duty and obligation as an artist to flatten the hierarchical power structure that exists between the Media and the rest of us: a power that arrogantly assumes they can command the narrative of our everyday lives. For without the controlling force of the Media (and the seduction of our own voyeurism,) would we even care about Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, or any number of pseudo-politicians, half-baked celebrities and mega-pop-stars who demand our attention on a daily basis. (I say, be your own star!)


Noise TV

If you are old enough to have adjusted a flipping vertical hold on your tv set, then you know how annoying signal degradation was in the golden age of UHF television. Oh those were the days: endlessly fidgeting with the vertical hold knob until the image gradually slid into place, only to start flipping again as soon as you sat down on your comfortable couch.


Transmitting the Desk(top)

Yesterday I began broadcasting from my desk[top], collapsing/collaging my physical desk & virtual desktop, establishing a direct communications link between the physical/virtual space with that of the network. I can paint every gesture, every word, every sound and image as a transmission to a live audience. Pointing my mouse across my desk[top] is by extension a broadcasted image as though my hand and mouse were functioning simultaneously as a live video cam.