Composing THE MEDIA

For the past twenty-five years, I have inserted myself into the artworld@large as a composer of media. Long ago abandoning the guise of musical composer (for me, that designation reared its head as a giant anachronism), I have applied the techniques and manipulations of musical time to organize and control all forms of media. Even those elements of life and material and events in the world that situate themselves far outside of any specific media categorization, fall neatly within the domain of my practice. This method of composition in the current rendition of my work now lends itself not just to the idea of composing with media, but more forcefully, as an act of confronting the (dis)information we digest each and every day: Composing THE MEDIA.

Paradise Lost

It is time to rise from the ashes, literally. Now or never.

The forces of destruction are all around us and coming from every direction: environmental catastrophe, domestic terrorism, political chaos, economic fragility, and a slowly loosening grip on what is left of democracy. We are seeing an apocalyptic wave of destruction burn before our very eyes, madness exploding in the uncertainty of everything we have ever known to be true.

Living in the Future Present

I live and work in the Future Present. The Bunker is my refuge. It is here I maintain a semblance of sanity in a world gone awry. I open my Broadcast Journal and write for the world. Or for my myself. No matter. Everything is open, public, exposed. I live and breathe in front of the camera. My every move is tracked and recorded. But no matter, none of this will stop me from telling my story, a story that must be told amidst the incessant noise that fills my brain each and every day.

We Live Inside the Manifestations of Human Minds

In the first performance of the Ghost Monologues in the Underground Studio Bunker, I chose Jerry Mander’s Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television as the text. While the book was written 40 years ago in 1978, and focuses on the media effects of television, it couldn’t be more relevant today. Television as a platform for the dissemination of propaganda and mind-numbing programmatic material has simply been absorbed into the monolithic, universal medium of the Internet. Now the amplification of media disinformation is greater, faster, and ubiquitously distributed by nearly everyone on the planet.

TRUMP owns our Minds

TRUMP is fully in control of our heads. He is masterminding our reality. He is inside every one of us, like a virus that has penetrated deep into our consciousness, our souls. How has he done this? Simple. He owns the Media, and in turn, he owns our minds. TRUMP is the master of the Media Universe. He manipulates the chorus of pundits like so many puppets. No matter whether they love him or hate him. This makes NO difference to TRUMP. It is all about capturing and maintaining our undivided attention. Because every second they are talking about TRUMP, is another second he is burrowing his way into the recesses of our mental space.

The Intimacy of Maximalist Writing

And so… amidst the Chaos, I write within its turbulence, like a calm with the STORM… finding solace in this primordial writing space, around which are the resonances + ground up fragmentation + particles of the MEDIA FLOW. That Flow never ceases, ALWAYS ON, IN THE EVER-PRESENT-PRESENT OF RIGHT NOW. BUT INSIDE OF THE TORRENT I keep on writing in the sweeping granulation of it all.