The Poetics of Machine Language


Anyone who uses social media, which is just about everyone, speaks the language of the machine. The taxonomies of #hastags or @usernames, or even messaging abbreviations and emoticons represent a coded form of expression that shifts our writing (and thinking) into the compressed, symbolic language of software code. Is our inexorable connection to computers resulting in the mechanization of everyday speech? Or are we becoming poets of the information age? Are we losing the ability to write in long form because of decreasing attention span of the reader? Are we in fact becoming cyborgs: half human, half machine in our embrace of technological forms of writing and communication?

A Match Made in Hell


“Fear is a good thing. Fear is going to lead you to take action.” – TRUMP CEO Steve Bannon

When Dante called on Virgil to lead him on an epic journey into the Underworld, the intent was to come out on the other side. Dante’s Divine Comedy is an allegorical narrative that was written as a reawakening of the light of reason in times of crisis, an ascent to Paradise and Enlightenment. Contrarily, Donald TRUMP has now summoned media firebrand Steve Bannon to embark a different kind of journey, an even steeper descent, one that  most assuredly will not enlighten anyone or anything. The TRUMP-Bannon match offers instead a spectacular plunge into an abyss in which there is no return, through circles of the Inferno that even Dante never explored.

License to Kill


With Donald TRUMP, who for more than four decades has mastered the art of persuasion, intimidation, and absolute cruelty, words matter. TRUMP’s tactical use of words – finely honed after years of illicit business transactions, an endless string of lawsuits, and the bloviation of his massive ego in Celebrity Apprentice – has enabled him through brute force to seize the Republican nomination: a coup d’état no less.

TRUMP’s Epic Meltdown Into the Post Real


Donald TRUMP is heading straight into the vortex as his SHOW reaches its inevitable denouement. As a performer who feeds off the trough of popular culture, charging his primal instincts with the crude energy of his supporters, TRUMP finds himself burning in a fiery pit of his own creation, attacking everything in sight as he is about to be swallowed alive by an excessive dose of reality.

Episodic Drama of the Real Delegates of Cleveland


“Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up…” – RNC delegates

The 2016 Republican National Convention was made-for-reality-television drama of the first order: intrigue, conflict, innuendo, gossip, confessionals and tension, with all of the usual villains and heroes to keep everyone entertained and angry. This is Donald TRUMP’s contribution to American politics: the complete and final and total assimilation of reality TV into the political process.