Episodic Drama of the Real Delegates of Cleveland


“Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up…” – RNC delegates

The 2016 Republican National Convention was made-for-reality-television drama of the first order: intrigue, conflict, innuendo, gossip, confessionals and tension, with all of the usual villains and heroes to keep everyone entertained and angry. This is Donald TRUMP’s contribution to American politics: the complete and final and total assimilation of reality TV into the political process.

Total Theater at the RNC


The narrative of Donald TRUMP’s presidential run is RICH (no pun intended) in its blurring of celebrity culture, performance art and politics. TRUMP’s highly calculated pose of triumph and winning, (“We are going to win so BIG!”) has resulted in a personality-driven domination and assertion of control over the democratic process.

The Image of Terror

The truck which slammed into revelers late Thursday, July 14, is seen near the site of an attack in the French resort city of Nice, southern France, Friday, July 15, 2016.   France has been stunned again as the large white truck mowed through a crowd of revelers gathered for a Bastille Day fireworks display in the Riviera city of Nice.  (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

How do we react to the Hellish turmoil that is accelerating throughout the world? There is FEAR in the air that is only exacerbated by the hatred and polarities exerted by the geopolitical forces, in which individuals are cast as stereotypical groups rather than as real people with a real cross to bear.

The Crack in America


Back in the early days when the nation’s capital was in Philadelphia and the radical founders were declaring independence, the Liberty Bell cracked when a peal of utopian idealism reverberated through its hardened casting. The irony of discord is astounding and attracts millions of onlookers inspired by this symbol of resilience.

But there is a new clanging reverberating from the politics of America that is splintering the nation into shards of distrust, anger, and intolerance.